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iPhone "Currently Unavailable" Online: Brilliant Pre 3G iPhone Strategy?

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

The iPhone is "currently unavailable" at the AppleStore US, following the dry-out in the UK. Does this mean they are waiting for the shipment of the next version? If so, this is a brilliant and rare move for Apple.

We won't know for sure until next month, but knowing Apple's tight command of their stock levels, it looks like this may be the reason. But considering we're almost exactly 30 days from the WWDC keynote, it could mean the 3G iphone is coming sooner than we think. Let's assume this is what is happening. If so, this move is brilliantly kind and uncharacteristic of Apple. What they're doing is trading off secrecy to protect people from buying the first-gen iPhone in its last days before its successor is unveiled. I mean, if you'd bought an iPhone and it was upgraded to v.2 days after your purchase, wouldn't you be pissed? Maybe they'd rather short the sales for a month and not have to deal with thousands of pissed off customers. [Apple Store—thanks, Erik]