iPhone Data Plan at $30

Today, much of the tech press is interested in speculating on the iPhone's data plan. Here's something new to add to the conversation.

Last week, when a Cingular business sales rep told me that the date for release was June 11th, she also told me that the data plan would be $30 bucks. I have less reason to believe the date, but the pricing seems like something she knew as a fact. $30. Such an exact number.


I told her that I thought it was a bit high, since the phone doesn't have 3G. She said that they had the best data network in the country, so the phone would download fast, so again, take this with a grain of salt. This is a sales person, not an engineer. Maybe it includes Wi-Fi. Maybe you can't just get the EDGE access. That would make me a bit upset if you couldn't split the two up.

Because I can stomach the monthly fee for minutes and txt, and I can stomach the iPhone's $599 price tag, but I'm not sure I want to pay another $30 for EDGE data plus Wi-Fi. That's maybe more than I can swallow.

This is all speculation, of course.



Cingular's unlimted data plans are Mediamax ($20) Blackberry Connect ($30) and Data connect ($40). Blackberry connect on a non-Blackberry phone costs more. Certain phones are supposed to be used with certain plans, ie. Mediamax is for basic flip phones, Data connect is for WM or Symbian phones.

The actual truth is, you can use ANY data plan on ANY phone you want. You can't order them that way on the Cingular website, but the people at the Cingular stores will generally hook you up. (I'm using Mediamax on a Nokia E62, a phone which is supposed to be Data connect only). If for whatever reason the sales guy wants to be a douche, all you have to do is get a Razr or whatnot with Mediamax, and return it the next day and get the actual phone you want. They'll just swap your sim card out without changing your plan.