Macrumors seems to have gotten their hands on AT&T's iPhone Sales Training Workbook and posted it for the world to see. Oh, and it has some new info/clarifications on the device...

While we haven't read through the documents, a skim through the comments revealed:

- iPhone will vibrate
- No MMS!
- Simultaneous talking and browsing OK with WiFi
- Address book with be compatible with PC Outlook
- iPhone users will not be able to conduct IM conversations with instant messaging users.
- iPhone will not support the TeleNav solutions currently offered by other AT&T devices


I'm very excited for the iPhone, but no multimedia messenging, even with smartphone functionality, seems like it's out of touch with today's consumer. Anyone with more time to go through the documents, you are hereby deputized by Gizmodo. Feel free to post your findings in the comments.

iPhone Details... [macrumors]