iPhone Firmware 2.0 Could Hit June 27

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It's not official word from a press release, but Apple's Australian site is showing the new App store as hitting June 27th-which would point to iPhone 2.0 firmware hitting at the same time. That's earlier than Jobs' "early July" designation from the WWDC keynote. But you know, toilets flush differently in Australia and everything, so a date typoesque mix-up could have happened. [Apple] Thanks everyone!




@Hamm Beerger:

I think they are referring to the Coriolis effect, which does not really apply to toilets. The toilet thing is basically a myth based on a little bit of truth. It takes a very controlled environment to get it to work. But when the conditions are right (symmetrical container, motionless water, small drain hole, etc) fluids will drain in a cyclonic motion (clockwise in the N. hemisphere & counter-clockwise in the S. hemisphere).


Yeah, I won't mind paying $10 for games like Super Monkey Ball. Also, a lot of the games/apps available on jailbroken iPhones require payment too (Labyrinth is one example). Awesome game that was totally free at first, but last time I had my iPhone jailbroken you could only play a few levels and had to pay something like $10-$15 for the rest. The SDK will produce much more stable apps too, and will make getting them easier (plus you won't void your warranty). I suppose Jone91 thinks that everything should be free to everyone, and that we should all get our own software developer slave to make all the apps we want for free?