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The iPhone nano is coming! The iPhone nano is coming! Or so does the Economic Daily News say, quoting sources at Taiwanese electronic parts manufacturers TSMC and UMC. The rumors are becoming louder and louder.


According to the paper, which AppleInsider says it is a "fairly reliable publication," the bidding for some parts of a new low-cost entry-level cellphone from Apple-dubbed the iPhone nano-is near its end. The Economic Daily News says that the iPhone nano launch should happen not earlier than June.


Knowing that Apple is not showing external plastics designs around, has anyone thought that these new tiny chips will just be for a smaller version of the iPhone, no nanoness involved? Or maybe it's a phone so small that only ants can use it? Have you thought about that? Huh? Huh? No? Anyone? Well, do it now and post your thoughts about the theoretical nano in the comments. [AppleInsider]

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