iPhone Officially Coming to Spain

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Spanish site Apple Weblog has discovered a hidden iPhone page from Movistar—Telefónica's mobile arm. The page officially confirms what we already said two weeks ago: Telefónica will sell the new JesusPhone. The launch day was not mentioned in the site itself—which was supposed to be secret, and has been taken down already—but the date that we announced remains the same according to my friends in the company.

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Translation: "Movistar brings you the magic of the iPhone. Would you like to know when? There are already 29 impatient people."

The 3G iPhone will be available for sale in Spain at the June 18 grand opening of Telefónica's megastore—an Apple Store-like shop located in the company's landmark building in Madrid's Gran Vía—with nationwide availability the next day or after a few hours. The shop is now getting its final touches. [Apple Weblog—in Spanish, gracias Paquito]


@TimurY: Maybe not for you, but here in Spain we have been waiting for the iPhone for one year. There are people that don´t want to buy it in the US and then hack/jailbreak it; we prefer to get the iPhone "officially".

I´ve tried to find that web ('coz I read about it this morning), but it´s not available anymore.