iPhone or Android? Who cares!

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Android or iPhone—if it's a good phone, does it really matter? After all, you spend most of your life using apps available for both. So when Gizmodo's Brent Rose says the new Moto X is awesome and you can customize its design to your liking without a stupid case, maybe it's time to ditch your iPhone. Or not! Whatever.


If you can get the same level of personalization, the same cross-platform services, and the same apps on both, why care so much about the phone's operating system? Assuming they are good phones out of the box—like this Moto X, the Nexus, the HTC One, the iPhone or Nokia Windows Phones—it just doesn't make much sense, except for brand fundamentalists (the entire existence of these fans of corporations defies any reason or logic.) Phones are now just plastic, glass and metal sandwiches that run apps that hook into cloud services. They have become a commodity, a convenient window into the internet with a camera and a GPS attached to it. That's all.

So, when my iPhone 4 dies beyond any possibility of repair, I will just pick my next phone by looking at how pretty it is, how much battery life it can give me under heavy use, and how good the camera is. That's all.

The rest doesn't really seem to matter anymore. Or does it?