iPhone to Support GPS, Stereo Bluetooth, Nike+, Battle Hackers

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As the Second Coming of the JesusPhone looms over the horizon, the rumor pace starts to accelerate, with people digging in the dirt to try to get any clues about what's awaiting in this incarnation of Apple's cellphone. StuffTV is now reporting that—just like Jason wanted—Nike+ will definitely come to the iPhone in a big way, while code detectives have found strings that hint at support of Bluetooth stereo headphones, GPS support, and other iPhone seeeeeecrets:


First, StuffTV went to Nike's HQ in Oregon and got "official" word on Nike+ iPhone from the winged footwear maker. The fully exploit the graphic capabilities of the iPhone, Wi-Fi and 3G connectivity to provide Nike+ applications to go, including the Nike+ Coach feature. No surprises here, as previous strings found in the code of the iPhone 1.2.0 beta firmware talked about Nike+. According to Greek iPhone site "IPhone Hellas," however, those strings are gone from the latest version. They, on the other side, found the following:

• There is as string that says "HeadphonesBT"—as opposed to the current "HeadsetBT"— as well as "RoleA2DP" which could indicate Bluetooth stereo headphones support in this release.

• There's a string called "RoleGPS" which may indicate GPS support.

• New "RoleRemote" string may indicate... using the iPhone as a remote for a computer or the AppleTV via Wi-Fi? Who knows.

• There's a mention to Printer in the Library directory.

• There's also a string that says

Ignoring request to unlock because we're blocked or bricked '

Which seems to indicate that Apple is readying their software to battle the usual suspects after so many different unlock successes. [StuffTV, iPhone Hellas via New Launches]


p.s. Here's another Friday bonus secret:


As the Second Coming of the JesusPhone looms over the horizon

Now is the time when we start speculating on the thousands of features JesusPhoneII will have, right? It just excites me to talk about products that are not yet announced and all of the features that may or may not be included. Reminds me of the long fireplace chats with my siblings about the possible Christmas presents — Ferrari, McMansion, Gold Mine — and then waking up Christmas day to find a pair of shorts from Value Village.