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iPhone Wedding Cake Makes Geek Happy

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Ah, love! It makes you do so many silly things. You know, like marrying. And having an iPhone wedding cake, like Bobby Casey here. Bobby, I hope you had Lego wedding rings too. Or else.

So this is me with my cake. I got married and this is what the wife got the Groom for his "man" cake. I'm special. The woman who made the cake took 18 hours to make this. It was most delicious even though I didn't want to eat it. Yeah it says Cingular, yeah it's still awesome.

Just thought I'd show you guys this awesome cake that I shared with awesome friends on my especially awesome day! :D

Bobby Casey - Giz reader and FAN

I like cake. I like weddings, as long as they are not my own. But an iPhone wedding cake? Come on, man! Have you lost your mind? Where's your sense of elegance? Where's your savoir faire? Everybody knows that you can't freaking use a gadget for a damn wedding cake! That's so naff!


No Bobby, you got it all wrong with this one. You should have gotten yourself a Death Star wedding cake. That is what I call class.