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Some iPod classic owners who installed the recently released 1.1 firmware are reporting that their iPods are sending electrical pulses through the headphone jack and docking port, even when the units are turned off. The pulses, estimated to be 500mv worth of DC, may be enough to damage equipment that is plugged in.


Elsewhere, audiophiles on the Head-Fi forums are complaining that the update brought "hiss" and "static" to the classic, and others say that the firmware froze their iPods or restored them inadvertently. (Note: We have not noticed any irregularities like this after extended use with our own updated classic.)

So what's the reason behind all this? Is El Jobso trying to control our minds with hypnotic pulses again? Make us switch to the iPhone? Per usual, Apple does not have any response to the matter. If a new firmware update comes soon, well, that's probably as good a confirmation as we're ever gonna get. [The Street]


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