iPod-Compatible Suit Only for Men Who Dress to the Left

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Fabled UK retailer M&S (once known as Marks & Spencer) has brought out an iPod-compatible pinstripe suit, complete with "smart-fabric control pad" for you to control everyone's favorite Apple gadget (come on, it's not June 29th yet, guys, so keep your hairpieces on.

The two-button, single-breasted suit is a combination of British tailoring (wolf-whistles, please) and British technology (alright, alright, you can stop with the name-calling right now). And I know you dress-downers probably couldn't give a flying fop about suits, being strictly thong 'n' combat pant kinda-guys, so I'll keep the fashion commentary to a minimum and big-up the tech details.


So, what do you get for your $300? Well, as well as a pair of strides, some lapels, buttons, sleeves and a lining, you get volume and selection controls and a pocket complete with cable and jack for you to plug your iPod into. There's even a loop for your earphone wires.

And the company behind all of this smart-fabric know-how is Eleksen, who were given the thumbs-up by Apple earlier this year for the Made-For-iPod Program. Useless fact-fans may be pleased to know that they are based in the old Pinewood Studios, where many of the early James Bond movies were filmed. Q would be so proud.


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