iPod Gaming, Fo' Sheezy?

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The Apple rumor mill is once again churning. Supposedly the iPods are going to get some real official gaming action. None of this Brick Attack, Parachute or—god forbid—scroll-wheel solitaire that you are used to.

The rumors are coming by ways of a hotshot gaming software engineer, a software engineer recruiter and an Apple recruiter. We'll call the recruiters orange and apple—get it? Fruit! Anyway, orange was trying to get some hotshot software engineer prospective to work for his company. Unfortunately the hotshot coder turned down orange because he was being heavily recruited by apple.


Further information surfaced that Mike Lampell, an Apple hiring manager, is hiring a fleet of C/C++ coders with a 'gaming background.' The project in works by Apple is super secret and they wouldn't disclose any information to potential employees until they were hired and signed their soul over to a non-disclosure agreement.

Apple (finally) getting its game on? [Via Kotaku]