iPod Miniskirt: Designed for Women and the Men Who Wear Their Clothes

The worst part about wearing skirts a lot, or so Chen tells me, is that you don't have any pockets to store your gadgets. Sure, you could carry a purse, but what if you don't want to carry anything around with you? Finally, there is a solution for women everywhere, as well as for Chen.

This miniskirt has some shorts underneath with a pocket specially designed for your iPod, phone, or whatever else you want in there. It's got a headphone cable hole, allowing you to listen to tunes while you flash those sexy gams of yours. The company that makes it, Vickerey, also has a whole line of iPod-designed women's clothing, from Capri pants to tank tops, but this is the only one I could really picture Jason in. Also, Jason Chen wears clothes meant for ladies.


Product Page [via Crave]

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