iPod Nano From Hell?

This image was lost some time after publication.
This image was lost some time after publication.

This from reader/Satan-worshipper David:

"Hey guys, I'm a worker at Staples-Business Depot in Canada , and we just started carying iPods. Funny little thing, in our inventory program, for every iPod the SKU starts with 666! For exapme the ipod Nano is 666 268. Coincidence? I think not. iPods must be from from hell."


Hmm. Did Jobs sign a deal with the Devil? Is this the real reason for the new red iPod Nano that was just launched? We can appreciate David's half-assed Photoshopping, but the Devil will not be happy that he didn't take the time to cut out the pentagram/draw it in blood.


Thanks David!

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Except the whole 666 thing being the devil's number was found to be a mistranslation.

The real number is 616, (supposedly, if you buy into all that religious mumbo jumbo anyway) and some monk or whatever fucked up the translation. Go do a google search on the subject.

Also, make sure you point and laugh at anyone who still thinks 666 is an evil number, because they are uninformed and stupid. Especially funny are those metal head morons or goff kid Satanists who got tattoos of the number.

Also, I second the note on the right side up pentagram vs an upside down one. Get your facts straight. What you put up there is a symbol of peace and love from Pagan/Wiccan/etc religions.

Must be a slow news day too, since Giz even bothered to post this. Anything to suck on the Apple teat a little more, huh boys?