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iPod Touch May Finally Be Getting the Refresh It Deserves

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

The biggest surprise from last fall's iPhone 4S product launch wasn't that Apple stuck to its handset design guns for one more round. It's that the iPod Touch, that venerable music and gaming system, got no update at all. But if this internal iOS 5.1 build file unearthed by 9to5Mac holds up, the li'l guy hasn't been abandoned for good.


As you can see here, the file indicates an iPod Touch 5,1 is on the way. The current generation, last updated almost two years ago, is 4,1. What that likely translates to? Some dual-core guts, finally, that can handle all the games that the iPod Touch is predominantly used for.

As for timing, well, your guess is as good as any Foxconn employee's. [9to5Mac]