Giz reader Ed Hernández is at it again with his wireless audio iPod modifications. This time he hacked a fifth generation 30GB iPod video to include a Bluetooth module for audio output but, since the 30GB model is so thin, Ed had to do extra hacking. He told us his shopping list and some impressions, after the jump.


To make space for the audio Bluetooth module he had to take out the hard drive to replace it with a Compact Flash. He also changed the front white plastic for an iVue clear panel to let the Bluetooth LED to shine through. "One of these days Apple will finally take the hint..." Ed said to us in an email. Hopefully they will, because doing this looks quite difficult:

It took me about a month of part time research, but If I were to do it again today, just the labor would only take about a couple of hours. Total cost of just the BT mod is only about $50 but if you break it down it would be like this:

$50 BT module

$30 Clear faceplate

$35 Flash adapter

$30-120 Flash card (depends on your budget)


According to Ed, the "sound quality is very good, on par with an external module anyway. I use the Motorola S9 headphones and I am very satisfied. Not audiophile quality mind you, but more than adequate for the gym." [iPod Hackers]