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Iris Care Lets You Know When Your Parents Have Fallen and Can't Get Up

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

The Iris home security and energy monitor system from Lowes now does more than just track your water and electricity usage. The company has just rolled out its newest service aimed at America's aging population, Iris Care.


The new service utilizes both your existing Iris home automation devices as well as a new safety pendant. This pendant allows the elderly to trip the home's panic alarm if they've become immobilized. What's more, Iris Care uses the home's existing cameras and motion sensors to track their movements throughout the home. In addition, as with the other components in the Iris system, Care can be programmed with action rules so that if the system notices the front door left ajar at 4am or if the user stops moving for extended periods of time, it will notify you bey phone, email, or SMS. The pendant retails for $30 and the Iris Care system costs $5/month on top of your existing Iris subscription.