iRiver Plans Web Tablet, E-Book Reader, Android iPod Killer?

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Put this one strictly in the rumor basket, but if the apparently loose-lipped product manager at iRiver's Australian distributor is to be believed, the Korean company has the iPod Touch, Amazon Kindle, and even Arrington's CrunchPad firmly in its sights.


Accordingy to, Danny Bejanoff of local distributor C.R. Kennedy says that iRiver hopes to launch an Android-based iPod Touch rival next year. Dubbed the K2, the device would have a 3.5-inch display, touch screen, Wi-Fi, built-in browser, accelerometer, Bluetooth, and even a digital TV tuner. The catch? Apparently the project is not yet 100 percent signed off.

Bejanoff went on to say that he also hopes to soon test a new iRiver e-book reader and Internet tablet. Is a three-way Web Tablet Battlemodo between iRiver, the possible Apple tablet and the CrunchPad looming? Did get Bejanoff drunk for that interview? If so, I'm Australian, why wasn't I invited?

[ via Gizmodo Australia]


Effin' Eh


Ah, sorry for the cold. I figured I'd point out that the TouchBook is shipping, and unlike the iTablet, and the RiverTablet, it actually exists in more than just plans or ideas. And, unlike the Crunchpad, it's actually useful.

Of course its also ARM based, so I won't pretend to know if it'll be able to run the typical Linux programs.