If war is hell, then a day at the office is...extra hell. Designed for military applications (that vehicle picture above), the Iron Drive is a 1-4GB flash drive that resists Moisture, Vibration, Shock, Caustic Agents, EMI, and Nuclear Effects. (For some reason these threats are capitalized on the site, so we'll leave them that way.)

Overkill, or just enough kill? Consider this scenario:

Jack has a PhD in economics out of Harvard, anxious to score "the big deal". Threatened by your naturally gregarious disposition, Jack decides it's time to unveil his other PhD...in nuclear physics. He plants a small, nuclear bomb under your desk, and sets it to detonate 5 minutes before the "big meeting". While all of your building and most of your city is decimated—but—no, the Iron Drive is pretty much a goner too. Maybe if he used biological warfare and your body could actually fit inside the Iron Drive...


Product Page [via everythingusb]