Is Acer Readying a Chrome OS Netbook For a Mid-2010 Launch?

It may be a case of semantics, but Digitimes is reporting that Acer—who we already know are desperate to be the first manufacturer with a Chrome OS netbook—will be launching "devices running Google's Chrome OS in the middle of 2010." So far, we've been hearing the end of the year for releases, but if there's any chance to grab hold of a mid-2010 Chrome OS whisper, we'll take it.

They also apparently want to ship one million units in the first year, which may sound like big numbers but actually, after shipping nine million in 2009, it doesn't sound too aspirational.


Ed Note: This is most likely not true, since Google themselves promised an end-of-2010 release for the OS. So it's more than unlikely that Acer won't have the capability of releasing a ChromeOS machine before the OS is even ready. Plus, Digitimes is really hit or miss with their predictions, only having access to hardware manufacturers, so this is almost certinaly not true. [Digitimes]

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