Is Apple Helping To Create Rupert Murdoch's iPad-Only Newspaper, The Daily?

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Rupert Murdoch thinks that the iPad is the beginning of the future of media. Steve Jobs agrees. That's why—according to WWD's sources—News Corp. is releasing an iPad-only newspaper called The Daily. Created with Apple's help, says the Guardian:

According to reports, there will be no "print edition" or "web edition"; the central innovation, developed with assistance from Apple engineers, will be to dispatch the publication automatically to an iPad or any of the growing number of similar devices.


The "central innovation" sounds a lot like Push, but I can imagine them implementing something within the application itself. A push that will update the front page or section content and layouts dynamically, as hotter news arrive straight from the news room. Just like this:

Murdoch's minions have been working on this tablet-only newspaper for a long time, putting one of his stars at the helm of the new venture: Jesse Angelo, the managing editor of the New York Post. Angelo has been handpicking top editors and writers to create The Daily which, according to sources close to the project, will be a "tabloid sensibility with a broadsheet intelligence."

The new tablet-only newspaper would use the new App Store subscription model at 99 cents a week, about $4.25 per month. The app may go in beta this December, while WWD suggests that Murdoch himself could join Steve Jobs on its 2011 public presentation.

Knowing that Jobs and Murdoch have good relations—and knowing how mad Jobs has been at his dear New York Times—it all sounds pretty reasonable to me—even if both characters have completely different political views. [WWD via The Guardian]




It's incredible to me how many people are oblivious to the corruption in the mainstream media. I read people here stating things like, "Hopefully it will have lots of right-wing editorials galavanting as news." That's possibly one of the most asinine things I've ever read, since FNC goes well out of their way to make sure "the news" is clearly separated from the editorial and yet the anchors (the ones supposed to be reporting only the news) at those other networks are constantly blurting out bias opinions all day long! I think many of you are so conditioned to hear liberal bias that when you hear "just the news" you think you're being swindled and lied to. Don't just listen soundbites from Glenn Beck, O'reilly, and Hannity and say that they are nothing but "right-wing editorials galavanting as news". Watch FOX NEWS during the day and see just how fair and balanced they truly try to be compared to ANY of those other networks. There is a reason why FNC has higher rating than all the other cable news networks, combined. Wake up, please, people! For the sake of our country. Get a grip!