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We may earn a commission from links on this page

iPhone App Store Revamped For Content Subscriptions, Game Add-Ons, In-App Purchases

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Rather than spawning entirely new apps for updates or additional levels for a game, iPhone 3.0 apps can now charge for content updates within the apps themselves.

• There's support for downloading additional content from within an app, rather than having to download a whole new app entirely. That means new levels, new cities for guidebook apps, and that kind of thing can all be sold or given away within the apps themselves. Kindle store is licking their lips.

• Developers set the prices for add-ons, and Apple takes the same 30% cut. It's only for paid apps—free apps can't charge for content.


• There's also a subscription model available, meaning magazines and periodicals can sell one paid app then push out regular updates

• It's nice that we don't have to wade through 15 versions of X-Plane or the hundreds of city guides in the App Store, but whether this will lead to Xbox Live nickel-and-diming for every possible piece of content, we shall see.


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