Is Apple Secretly Installing LTE Equipment at Apple Stores?

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Here's something unexpected: An Engadget tipster claims Apple's installing LTE equipment in its stores. The gear was allegedly installed by AT&T, and only supports the 700MHz and AWS bands, which will fall in AT&T's LTE network if the T-Mobile merger goes through.


Yesterday we heard rumors about an LTE iPhone currently in carrier testing, although it was unclear if it was for this generation's handsets or next. Previous intel had an LTE iPhone arriving in 2012 at the earliest. But if the new LTE gear isn't for the new iPhone, it raises a whole new set of questions: Will the next iPad have LTE? What about the next Macbook Pro refresh? [Engadget via Cult of Mac]



Sweet, let it happen. Nobody's worried about Verizon's 4G. Some act like ATT's 4G plans are a harbinger of evil. I have nothing against their acquisition of T-Mobile. Deutsche Telecom will sell T-Mobile to someone else in any case. They don't want it. Every time I've done business with Verizon, it's been a nightmare. I'd like to see an return to increasing data-caps and data speeds. US telecoms have been racing to the bottom for too long.