Is Google Getting Old and Slow Like Microsoft ?

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According to an ex-googler, the search giant may no longer be the quick-moving, innovative company we have grown to know and love.


Former Google engineer Dhanji R. Prasanna claims Google has become your typical large company. It has a corporate culture that rewards developers for protecting old code instead of creating new code. Some projects fail to reach their goal, because of this mindset. It's not a place for nimble hackers to work, he warns.

And the software infrastructure that powers its services is now ten-years old and very much obsolete, he claims. Software components are described as "ancient, creaking dinosaurs" and projects as "sluggish, over-engineered Leviathans". It may just be me, but that sounds a lot like *cough* Microsoft.[ Dhanji Prasanna via Business Insider]



Funny, the oldest (literally) and slowest company of the big 3 software companies is apple.

osX has dragged for over a decade,

win vista was a new start, and that was more recent than osX

chromeOS is the newest of all.

iOS is older than (touch-screen) android, and WP7 is the newest of all.

updates to apple iOS products happen once a year, and have fewer features overall than updates to other OS's. and with iOS5 these were all copycat ideas from other mobile OS's.

osX lion is another regurgitated version of osX with few new features that werent expected.

Innovation from apple happens once every 5 years, osX->ipod->iphone

innovation from ms happens more frequently xp->360->winmobile->vista->WP7->surface->kinect

innovation from google(while not always successful) is also far more frequent

so whos slow and laggy now?