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Is iTunes Ditching DRM Tomorrow?

Illustration for article titled Is iTunes Ditching DRM iTomorrow/i?

Speculation about if when iTunes would score DRM-free tracks from all major studios like Amazon and Walmart do has been rampant, but according to a rumor at AppleInsider, all this speculation may come to an end tomorrow.


AppleInsider cites a Dec. 3 story from the French publication Electron Libre that says iTunes will remove DRM from Sony BMG, Universal and Warner tracks on December 9th, like it already does with EMI and indie content. The story doesn't say what percentage of tracks from the major labels, or what the cost bump for the new tracks might be, if any, though it seems to say the thing might cover every single album and track on iTunes. In fact, check out this rather ungraceful machine translation of the French story for yourself:

...The signals are clear today. iTunes should offer catalogs of three majors Universal Music, SonyBMG Music and Waner [sic] rid of technological protection measures next Tuesday, Dec. 9. The transition to DRM Free should be at a global level...


With that opener, it almost reads like a fortune. I for one hope this fortune comes true. [Electron Libre via AppleInsider]

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Imagine that, a world in which Apple doesn't take absolute power over everything it sells...

It seems almost too good to be true...