To be perfectly honest, we're now completely bored with this whole "Are they? Aren't they?" controversy over whether or not Liebermann Inc. (the company offering that massive Grand Canyon monitor and a line of super decked out laptops) is a real company. We know that the products they're offering do exist โ€” other companies resell the same products, too โ€” but what no one seems to know for certain is whether Liebermann is actually selling them or not. The Liebermann website, which touts a possibly fictitious "Miguel Liebermann" as the company's founder and lists product specs with a few inaccuracies, hasn't helped their case. Either way, it'll be obvious soon whether or not they're a genuine outfit or not, because either customers will be able to order stuff and receive what they paid for, or they won't. In the meantime, let's not waste any more time thinking about them or giving them any more free publicity. If they're for real, it's up for them to prove it now. Until then, we're moving on, and barring all further mention of Liebermann from the site.