Bands like Sigur Ros have experimented with huge lithophone marimbas, too:

Stone bells are used all over the world—like this one in Ethiopia:


Image: Wikipedia.

So it's not a huge leap to imagine that Stonehenge was a place of sonic worship, though it seems fairly unique to Britain in its construction and size.


Stonehenge's own lithophones probably have a similar metallic din to the videos above—albeit at a much lower octave. One researcher describes it as "mysterious," and adds that it could be heard from a half mile away. On the project's website, you can listen to recordings from similar Bluestone sites. Each rock has a different tone, ranging from high-pitched to low, resonant, and indeed, very mysterious.

It it too much to hope for that the UK might let Stonehenge be played one more time? [The Atlantic; BBC; Gizmodo UK]


Lead image: AP Photo/Lefteris Pitarakis.