Touch screens are allowing us to break free from mouses and cursors and interact with the things we see on our displays more directly. But maybe the mouse just needed an overhaul—here's how the latest spherical one works.

This is Axsotic's 3D-Spheric-Mouse, designed to be used in conjunction with another input device to manipulate three-dimensional objects. 3D modeling is one obvious application for the thing—and similar designs have been used for such tasks in the past—but as our pals at Dvice point out, fluidly moving through all manner of computer games with a six-axis ball would probably be pretty awesome too.


Axsotic's spherical mouse can be rolled, pushed, pulled or twisted and a combination of springs and magnets translates those manipulations into movement in the three dimensional space. I'm not sure how ergonomic it is to fold your hand up and tickle a racketball-sized sphere for prolonged periods, but I'm willing to try anything that could potentially improve my woeful PC gaming performance. [Axsotic via Dvice]