Is There Any Way To Do Justice To The Legion Of Superheroes In A Movie?

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Bleeding Cool reports that Warner Bros. is working on a Legions of Superheroes movie as their answer to Guardians of the Galaxy. If true, that's a gamble that seems like a poor move on Warner Bros.' part.


This is all rumor at this point, so take it with the usual grain of salt. The claim is that Legion of Superheroes hasn't gotten an official greenlight yet, but that it is in "serious development" and is intended to be much lighter in tone to the rest of the DC movies we've seen so far.

That part, we totally buy. The dark, grim, gritty, asphalt-like nature of DC's recent spate of movies is a constant and common complaint. It makes total sense for the studio to branch out, both as a reaction to that perception and as a reaction to Guardians, which itself has been meme-ified into "Marvel can do anything." Granted, I'm not sure if Warner Bros. is willing to lighten its comic book movies, since they've seemingly doubled down on it with what we've seen of Batman v. Superman so far.

And if they are looking to do that, Legion of Superheroes is not exactly a direct analogue to Guardians. And DC is not a direct analogue to Marvel. Yes, a tree and a talking raccoon are out-there aspects. But the film takes place contemporaneously with the rest of the Marvel universe, which had already featured two movies about Norse gods faffing about in space. They started tying Guardians into everything with Thanos and the Collector showing up in earlier movies. And the McGuffin was part of the set of McGuffins that had shown up before.

Guardians was based around the easily-explained idea of "space misfits." How does DC, with its resolutely modern Earth-bound list of projects find a way into the idea of "it's the 30th century and there are a billion alien planets and all these aliens with superpowers live in a clubhouse together?" Because that's what this is, and that's even what the report says they're looking to do. Even with the groundwork Marvel set out, everyone was still skeptical of Guardians up until we actually saw things from it. This seems like an unnecessary uphill battle that Warner Bros. is setting for itself.

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Oh for the love of everything good DC!!! You've got the rad awesomeness that is Kirby's Old Gods/New Genesis and you gonna settle for Legion of Superheroes???