Is This a New Sony Nexus Phone?

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At this point it seems pretty certain that LG is going to be putting out a Nexus phone, but it may not be Google's only dancing partner. A few pictures that popped up over at the XperiaBlog show what's purported to be a Sony Nexus phone, the Nexus X.


There have been rumors that Google is planning on expanding the line with multiple Nexii, so this fits into that theory, but it could still be a fake. It's worth noting that the back simply says "Google," as opposed to the rumored LG Nexus which reads "with Google" but there's also no Xperia branding on it. It should be interesting if this turns out to be legitimate, since LG and Sony haven't exactly had great success with Android, and this pair of phones would give both a chance to shine and fill out the Android ecosystem with more, stronger hardware partners. We'll just have to wait and see what else turns up. [XperiaBlog via The Verge]


Since the rumored LG Nexus seems to have 8GB and no expansion slot, an alternate Nexus device is welcome. 8GB is just - stupid. It may be that the prototype is 8GB though and that the production model won't suck.