Is This an Avengers: Endgame Blooper Reel or Footage of Everyone After Comic-Con?

The Avengers assembling, kinda.
Image: Marvel Studios

Apparently, Chris Evans can’t believe he made an entire movie wearing that ridiculous costume from the first Avengers, and you know what? Hard same.


Another San Diego Comic-Con has come and gone and one of the biggest winners of the events was (shocker) Marvel Studios, which not only revealed a wild new slate of upcoming films for its fourth phase, but did a fair amount of celebrating Avengers: Endgame’s monstrous box office success.

While we’ve spent the past couple of days poring over any and all new information about what’s next for heroes, Marvel’s really in no rush to have folks moving on from its last cinematic crossover spectacle, as evidenced by the latest blooper reel showing off the cast and crew putzing around on set, as film crews are wont to do. Here it is, courtesy of Entertainment Weekly.

Actors: they’re people just like us. Sure, they make absurd amounts of money to do impossibly impressive cosplay that people will pay hand over fist to gawk at and then fight with people on the internet over, but again, they’re just relatively normal folks just trying to make a paycheck.

From the looks of it, though, the Marvel crew’s also, you know, dead tired after cranking these projects out for over a decade, which is quite possibly the most relatable thing about them. You can find out more about the Endgame home release here.


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I know it’s not real, but I would laugh if they included some of the clips of the deadpool/avengers trailer as part of the blooper reel. With a clear message saying, “He currently doesn’t fit the Disney Model.”