Is this Apple Patent Proof That Photo Booth Is Coming to iOS?

Rumors have been flying about a Photo Booth app coming to the iPad (and presumably iOS). In addition to references to the feature found in iOS 4, this patent shows Apple's been working on some features for photo and video in iOS very similar to (if not better than) what Photo Booth does on OS X.

Patently Apple uncovered these latest details, which indicate that you'll be able to insert audio, motion graphics into photo and video on iOS devices, not to mention use the motion sensors to manipulate effects. Whether or not the app will be called Photo Booth is unclear. Despite the 4.3 references, the diagrams here almost indicate these effects will be folded into the photo/video/camera apps in iOS. But with the next big event on the way next week, we might hear something about this sooner than later. [Patently Apple via Cult Of Mac]


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