Is this deranged "Turkish Doctor Who" remake for real or a spoof?

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It looks too weird to be real, but the same could be said of Turkish Superman and Turkish Star Wars. Check out a Doctor Who monster you've never seen before — the deadly Bee-Deer! Update: It's a spoof from


And yes, we noticed that commenters on the Youtube page are pointing out that this video is in Arabic, not Turkish. So "Turkish Doctor Who" is a misnomer, but it's what everybody's calling it.

Thanks to commenter T3h Kitteh for linking us to the original source of this video:, where the video's creator, Major Ingram, explains:

Ever wondered what Dr. Who would look like if remade by a Turkish cable channel on a budget of £27? I thought i'd take a crack at it... Now taking applications for Daleks in part 2.


[Via DoctorWhoTV]