io9 Film Festival: The best of Turkish rip-off scifi cinema

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In honor of Turkey Day, here's seven of the best Turkish rip-off movies presented in their entirety. Copyright and production values are nonexistent, but the thrills are (sort of) non-stop. Here's Turkish Star Wars, Star Trek, and other trashterpieces.

Turkish Star Wars


Turkish Star Trek

3 Dev Adam ("Three Mighty Men")
Santo and Captain America versus the deadly Istanbul gangster Spider-Man. In the opening 2 minutes, Spider-Man cuts off a woman's head with a boat propeller.

Badi, The Turkish ET
Not subtitled, but brilliant.

Turkish Wizard of Oz
Here's the first part. It's not subtitled, so you might find it more worthwhile to watch it synced up with Dark Side of the Moon.

Turkish Superman

Seytan, the Turkish Exorcist