Is This the iPad Mini's Tiny New Screen? (Update: Probably Not)

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A tipster with strong business ties to China just sent us this image—allegedly the display of the (rumored) iPad Mini. If it's real, this is the very face of Apple's newest mystery gadget. Update: Looks suspiciously like a Kindle Fire.


Our source tells us the display measures in at 7.85 inches exactly (diagonally)—in line with rumors currently afloat—and oddly, does not have the typical 4:3 aspect ratio of an iPad. Although not so odd given increasingly warm reports that an iPad Mini will closer resemble the form of an iPhone than its big tablet brother. Indeed, our source says the screen sports an elongated rectangle aspect ratio similar to that of the rumored tall iPhone 5.


We ran the photo past iFixit's Kyle Wiens, who deemed it inconclusive-could be real, could be ripped from some other tablet. But what other 7.85-inch tablet is out there to be ripped from, if that figure is actually correct? Wiens also said he hadn't seen any other chunk purporting to be the iPad Mini's screen, and our source maintains he's received nothing but authentic parts from what he says is a completely reputable Chinese supply.

We're working on getting more information on this for you right... now. The iPad Mini—Apple's answer to the Kindle Fire, Nexus 7, and other small tablet competitors—is widely expected to be announced along with a new iPhone on September 12th.

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Update: It appears this is probably a case of mistaken identity (or intercontinental confusion)—the display bears almost the exact same structure as the Kindle Fire's, as seen here.

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