Is This the iPhone 5 Slim?

This photo was taken 15 minutes ago at Gizmodo's headquarters. On the right, you can see the iPhone 4. But look on the left! There's an iPhone 5 slim just like the one leaked yesterday in France! Or is it?

It looks real, but it is not. The fact is that it only took me ten minutes to make that image in Photoshop. It looks even more real than the alleged iPhone 5 image captured in France (check it out in the gallery). Of course, that one is fake too.


That image was originally posted on Twitter by user Robin P yesterday morning.

This morning, it was reposted on MacRumors Forums by some dude by the nick of guigsh. This guy—a "macrumors newbie"—forgot to put the text that came along the original photo in Twitter:

Une photo comme ça pourrait rendre des sites fous... #iPhone5


In English: "A picture like this could drive some sites crazy...""

And so it did.


You make your own conclusion. We obviously made our own already (personally, my money and body hair is still on the design of the chinese iPhone 5 clone).


The lesson here: Don't believe in Apple rumors, people. Specially blurry ones posted on Twitter with quotes that indicate it's a fake.

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