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Is Twitter's Latest Mobile App Update a Glimpse Into the Future?

Illustration for article titled Is Twitters Latest Mobile App Update a Glimpse Into the Future?

Twitter has slowly been pushing itself through a kind of reinvention, hoping to come out the other side as a whole new social media butterfly. The most recent part of this transformation came last night in the way of updated mobile apps, and they hint at what the rest of Twitter may turn into.


The changes mainly play up the importance of photos and links. In the Discovery tag, you'll now see previews of images and link summaries without having to click anything. In search, you'll be treated to image results as well as tweet results for your query. It's snazzy, but what does it all mean? Well it probably points to what the ultimate redesign of the timeline will look like.

As Buzzfeed points out:

While the new stuff is concentrated within the Discover tab and Search, with the Interaction tab and timeline left mostly untouched, consider that Twitter redesigned the Me tab two months ago. ...[The new timeline will probably look] a lot like Discover does now: with photos and articles displayed midstream, something that more closely resembles a Facebook newsfeed than your current Twitter feed.


So while Twitter was born out of—and still thrives on—140 character snippets of text, it seems that Twitter is making a move towards pushing pictures at you. Love it or hate it, it seems like a good bet that this is where the future of Twitter lies [Buzzfeed]

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Robert A Petersen

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