Is Your iPhone Taking Creepy Hidden Pics of You? (Updated)

Cameras that look back at us are becoming commonplace—and that's a good thing! FaceTime is a lot of fun! Except if it's glitchily taking secret pictures of us without us knowing, as some iPhone users are claiming.

The reports come from the Apple Discussions forum, where some creeped-out people say their FaceTime calls are bringing up, instead of the image of their pal, random images from the past—some intentionally taken on their phone, and some the iPhone seems to have captured on its own. Even if the covert pics aren't being shared with others, it's unsettling to think the camera function of a phone—the most potentially intimate feature—can be operating with a will of its own.

Have any of you encountered this maybe-bug yet? [Apple Discussion via 9to5Mac]

Update: Giz commenter Rab has shared an example of what appears to be the bug in action.


Update 2: Reader Brian wrote in to report the following:

Ever since I upgraded to 4.3 I have been noticing this glitch. At first I thought it was a picture of myself from when I last used facetime, like the last image my camera saw before I shut off facetime. But I started getting really creeped out when I received a facetime request from my girlfriend and I instead saw a picture of myself outdoors driving with my sunglasses on instead of the live camera of myself. I clearly remember that moment when I was driving and remember answering a phone call, but that was it. I never turned on the camera or any other application, I just answered one phone call.


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