iSplash Rugged MP3 Player: No Wimps Allowed

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You're a man; you go to the beach and do masculine things, like kick sand in nerds' eyes just because you can. While on the beach, you rock out to Winger and other gnarly bands. Well, here's an MP3 player that matches your alpha male personality, the iSplash Rugged. It's a digital stereo boombox that works with your iPod or other MP3 player. The splashproof housing makes sure a little water won't ruin the good times and the subwoofer makes sure the whole neighborhood knows you're in town looking to do a little damage. That dainty looking handle? Why, you use that to swing the iSplash around as part of your ritualistic "look at my muscles" dance.

Being rugged with the iSplash costs $149.95. Testosterone not included.

Product Page [The Sharper Image via Popgadget]