It Just Got Incredibly Easy to Tell Congress That SOPA Sucks

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I'll fess up. Sometimes there are issues I want to support, but I'm too lazy to look up my congress person's phone number and call him. Or her? I don't know, like I said, I'm lazy.


Good news for losers like me: Mobile Commons has made calling your representative insanely easy.

It's super simple. Take, for example, Engine Advocacy, which has campaign to stop SOPA. You just enter your name, address, and phone number. Mobile Commons does all of the legwork, looking up your congress person, and then calling your phone number. Once you answer you may be briefed on some talking-points, which I found to be really handy. They then directly connect you to your congress person's office, and BAM, you're making your voice heard.

Tumblr made some serious waves last month, using Mobile Commons to drive some 87,000 phone calls to members of congress regarding SOPA (reminder: SOPA suuuucks for you, me, and everyone we know). Now Google is driving people toward Engine Advocacy, and Boxee is integrating the technology into its software, so you can call congress straight from your TV.

Signing a petition is good. Emailing people in power is good. A phone call has more impact. It's personal, and it takes effort. It signifies that someone had to expend the energy to actually pick up a phone and make a statement. Even if it actually takes much, much less energy now to do that. SOPA is a very, very bad thing, and it's got a ton of money behind it It's being voted on today, December 15th, so please do some clicking and calling right now. [Mobile Commons]



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So you say it suuuuks but you don't really give a good reason why. I am against SOPA because it discourages a free-trade economy, however I am for it, in that it sets out to quash piracy which is hurting industries worldwide. Theres just something about stealing I don't really agree with, especially when someone did all the R&D and invested their own ideas, just to have them cheapened by some joe shmoe in a garage.

HOWEVER! SOPA is going about it all wrong and just because there are laws in the US that try to prevent piracy does not mean it won't happen outside of teh US. It is a good effort to try and do something but I am definitely against it in its current form.