It Looks Like the Purple Man's Coming Back for Jessica Jones' Second Season

Image: Netflix via Entertainment Weekly
Image: Netflix via Entertainment Weekly

In the season finale of Jessica Jones’ first season, Jessica Jones finally gets her revenge on Kilgrave by using her strength to snap the guy’s neck and leaving him very much dead. Dead or not, though, it’s looking like actor David Tennant’s going to be a part of the show’s next season as well.


Today, Entertainment Weekly released a set photo of Tennant and Krysten Ritter on set together and provided absolutely no context for it, other than the fact that the photo was in fact taken during the second season’s production. In all likelihood, there are probably going to be a number of flashbacks to when Jessica was still under Kilgrave’s control before she became immune to his power.

But it’s also possible that Jessica could still be in the process of coming to grips with finally being free of Kilgrave by interacting with him in her head. Or, you know, maybe the Hand brings him back. Who knows?

We’ll find out just what all the Purple Man is doing walking around when Jessica Jones returns to Netflix next year.



I really hope it’s just flashbacks. It would make sense - ptsd doesn’t vanish just because the source of it vanishes.