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It Only Took Amazon's 'Prime Now' 2 Years to Get on to the Web

Image: Hadrian /
Image: Hadrian /

Amazon launched its same-day delivery service Prime Now way back in 2014 as an app. Finally, two years later, you can order from your desktop too.


It’s not clear why it took Amazon quite so long to take Prime Now to the web. Because the site works in pretty much the same way as the app does: Type in your ZIP code to see if you’re covered by the service, then order massive boxes of Cheerios and candy and booze and whatever the hell else you need in the next hour or two.

But hey, at least it’s here now, though you do have to be a Prime member to use it. You still have to stump up $8 for one-hour delivery, though the two-hour service remains free.


[Amazon Prime Now]

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Slacker Iceman

probably trying to limit the traffic (people that dont use apps) until they get the service running how they would like... at least thats what makes sense to me