It’s mecha-cat vs. brain-swapping lizard men in the webcomic “reMIND”

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reMIND is set in a seaside village with a curious urban legend. Tinkerer Sonja doesn't believe the tales of underwater lizard men – until her cat turns up with stitches in his head and the sudden ability to speak.

Jason Brubaker's reMIND opens on Sonja, the lighthouse keeper for a sleepy seaside town. Years earlier, Sonja's late father claimed he saw a lizard man, a creature whose existence might explain the mysterious bubbles constantly burbling from the sea. The legend made the town a tourist destination, but Sonja doesn't approve of the town's dubious fame, assuming her father made the entire thing up.


But that's before Sonja's cat, Victuals, goes missing. When Victuals reappears, he's suddenly bipedal, able to speak English, and melancholy, spinning a wild tale of the lizard people who live deep beneath the sea. Gradually, the focus shifts from Sonja to Victuals, until Victuals returns to the home of the lizard people to combat its corrupt leadership and reverse a grotesque scientific procedure.

Brubaker describes reMIND as a "graphic novel in progress," and claims that the printed version (now available for pre-order) is a bit different from the online draft. Perhaps it answers some of the questions the webcomic hasn't yet addressed – how does Sonja's story actually fit with Victuals's? But there's a lot to enjoy in this online version, from the beautiful, animation-inspired artwork to the epic backstory of love, betrayal, and neurosurgery. And that's before we get to a mecha-enhanced Victuals fighting his way through a city of lizard men.