Italian neuroscientists launch a "telepathy" advertising firm

It was only a matter of time before neuromarketing and psychographics got together and spawned this insane business idea. Telepathy Advertising promises to deliver ads right to your mind.


The first-of-its-kind Italian agency explains its mission:

Telepathy Advertising is the first communication agency skilled on extrasensorial messages transmission. Telepathy meets neuromarketing to reach consumers’ mind without any paid media: 100% target reach and lower costs per GRP guarantee.

Get over with huge media investments and expensive advertising agency consulting, today you can create and spread all your campaigns with one reliable partner. Get in a new communication dimension with Telepathy Advertising.

In a release, they elaborate:

One of the hardest challenges of advertising is to succeed into the communication of the sensuousness of products. A challenge you cannot win through the usual mass communication network. Telepathy Advertising is a full service agency which works on telepathic scripts and its emission converting concepts into visual, verbal, tactile and sensorial stimulus with a location-aware target segmentation. A strategic planning and brand activation procedure which is been already tested into several famous viral advertising campaigns of the last years.

Telepathy finally take back its place into unconventional communication after being long time sperimented and exploited into war field. Nicholas Provoni, CEO of Telepathy Advertising, introduce the start-up company like one of the most innovative agencies on the market: “we can officially present ourself as a unique and trustworthy agency, the only “brain-to-brain” connector between marketing departments and consumers' mind”.

Five licensed mother language telepathies work as a team in the agency and this department will grow sooner. Everyone who claim to have telepathic skills can make an application for employment on the website passing an entry telepathic test.

Read more on the official Telepathy Advertising website!

P.S. Yes this website is a satire, dear internet peoples. Which makes it awesome.



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If technology actually makes this crap possible, I'm getting an ad blocker installed on my brain!