It's Almost Impossible To Topple These Tron-Inspired Scooters

It's tempting to call this pedal-less scooter a balance bike since kids simply use their legs to propel it. But rolling on a set of four extra-wide wheels it doesn't look like there's any balancing required to keep the yoMOTO upright. So it's safer for toddlers to live out their video game fantasies—as long as said fantasies don't ever involve turning.

Reminiscent of the light cycles from the Tron movies, or Chrysler's Tomahawk concept motorcycle, the $80 yoMOTO comes with red or blue detailing and easily snaps together. It apparently helps teach kids the basics of riding a bike, without the need for helmets or safety gear since it sits so low to the ground and is nigh impossible to tip. It also looks incredibly slick, even if cornering looks like it's out of the question. [Prince Lionheart]


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