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It's Bertie, the Pipebomb Robot Toy

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Bertie the Robot is a sentient pipebomb, trained for desert combat and handy with both a handgun and a rocket launcher. He's got a lot of cool gear, but I'm still not sure how he aims when he has no eyes and a hole in his head. Conceived and built by artist Ashley Wood, Bertie is part of the perhaps slightly sarcastically-named "world war robot" series. You can check him out in combat action below, and also meet his evil twin Dirty Bertie.


That rocket launcher makes me feel all Aliens inside. Or maybe it makes me feel all Alternate-Rose-with-mega-gun from the most recent episode of Doctor Who.


Here is Bertie's evil twin Dirty Bertie. He's a little bit Dalek, a little bit KMFDM.

I frakkin love this gear that comes with the Dirty Bertie toy. What the hell? Is it a severed head and a murdered teddy bear? Oh, maybe they're just zombie heads.

You can buy Bertie and Dirty Bertie, though be warned that each one is made individually so they aren't available for mass-produced toy prices. They're works of art!


WWR Bertie at Sideshow [Ashley Wood Blog]