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It's Impossible to Distinguish Night From Day in This Cleverly Layered Timelapse of New York

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Your typical New York timelapse follows the city as it progresses from the sunlit day, to the twinkling windows of skyscrapers at night, and right on through until morning when the sun rises back into the sky. But filmmaker Julian Tryba throws that timeline out the window, with this bizarre timelapse of the Big Apple where night and day intermingle.

In “NYC Layer-Lapse,” the only time you can roughly estimate the time of day is when buildings randomly go dark and are dotted with glowing windows, but those are layered alongside brilliantly lit stone facades. So stop trying to keep track of the timeline and just enjoy this wonderful footage of New York like you’ve never seen it before.

[Vimeo via Alinia Media]