It's Impossible To Tell If China's Stupid Giant 6-Inch Windows Phone Is a Joke or Not

This is it, guys. Smartphones are now significantly bigger than your average penis. And it's China's fault. China and its monstrous 5.9-inch Windows Phone screen, which is baffling and probably warrants a nuclear strike from the US. This is happening.

The device, by cheap-o-possibly-spying-on-us phone manufacturer ZTE, sports a 1920x1080 resolution and "DTS audio technology" which means absolutely completely nothing because it's a phone and not a theater. But just look at it on that notebook. The notebook is about to break. It's bigger than the pen. Look at that stupid pen. Why bother building the F-35 now? China has this. It's done, guys. We're done.


I've been wanting good, small phones for a while now, so I guess I'll just buy a Galaxy Note, because that's a small phone now. Phones are becoming horrible. Blame China. Blame ourselves. This is the end. [WMPowerUser via Redmond Pie]

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