Gmail Is Down, Everybody Freak Out (Update: Okay We're Cool)

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It's not just you; Gmail appears to be down. Usually when this sort of thing happens it gets resolved quickly, but for now you might be stuck chatting with a real human person in your physical presence.


In the meantime, please feel free to make a Gmail-is-down joke of any of the following varieties:

  • Internet snow day!
  • Yahoo! Mail is still up.
  • Google+ is also down, guys.
  • You can reach me on AIM/fax/phone.
  • Hotmail is still up.
  • I'm free, I'm free!
  • Let's take this to Orkut.
  • NSA something something something.
  • I want my money back.

Go ahead, get it out of your system. And if Gmail does happen to come back before you get your zinger in, at least you'll be ready for next time.


Update: Okay it's back now, hope you made a good joke, I'm glad we all got through this together.

Update 2: Uhhhhh unless you're this guy.

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Just a temporary hiccup while the NSA downloads this week's data...