It's Not the Megatron Figure You Remember, But It's Still Pretty Great

Not one of the 150-or-so Michael Bay Transformers movies gave us the same Autobots vs. Decepticons experience we remember enjoying as kids. And while the re-imagined robots looked nothing like the Transformers toys that made the '80s so great, the detail that ILM put into the character design was definitely impressive—and it makes this Megatron figure from 3A Toys a sight to be behold.


Were this sitting on your desk at work how could you not waste hours staring at all the random wheels, chains, and armor plating on this 19-inch tall figure? With a price tag of $430 you're definitely paying for an above-average attention to detail, but it looks like you definitely get your money's worth.

The weathered paint job makes this Megatron look like he's been through countless wars, just like in the movies. And believe it or not this figure manages to squeeze in over 70 points of articulation... 70! Babies can't even move that much, nor do they come with that wonderful-looking shotgun accessory. [3A Toys via Plastic and Plush]


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